Phillips County, Arkansas

Treasurer - Jeremy Moneymaker


620 Cherry Street, Suite 204
P O Box 362
Helena, AR  72342
870.338.5510 Phone
870.338.5511 Fax

The County Treasurer is responsible for maintaining a record of all expenditures and revenues of more than 60 different funds administered by the county.  The County Treasurer’s duties also include the following:

  • Insure that all funds are fully collateralized at each banking institution
  • Receipt all funds into the proper account
  • Record all county expenditures
  • Insure that all funds are invested with a sound/solid banking institution
  • Submit reports to the various state offices
  • Disburse funds to the taxing units
  • Prepare court orders for the transfer of funds
  • Submit a monthly financial report to the Quorum Court
  • Reconcile  bank statements
  • Submit a year-end report of the county’s financial status for print in the local newspaper