Phillips County, Arkansas


    Marvell City Hall - | P.O. Box 837 - | Marvell -, AR 72366 | 870-829-2573

    Marvell was founded when Marvell M. Carruth and his wife, Rachel, sold 50 lots of land given to him by his father, Ladson Carruth, to the Arkansas Central Railroad. A train depot was soon established. Marvell became an un-incorporated town on May 28, 1873, with R. M. Jackson as its first mayor.  Three years later, on October 3, 1876, Marvell became an incorporated town.

    In 1877, the Union Trust foreclosed on the Arkansas Central Railroad and sold all of its assets at public auction. On December 6, 1877, the Arkansas Midland Railway was formed. Under new ownership, the railroad became profitable, not only as a freight line, but also by providing daily passenger service from Clarendon to Brinkley and on to Helena, making stops in Marvell along the way. This service ran until 1952. The tracks which ran from Marvell to Holly Grove were abandoned in 1977.

    In the early 1900s, there were 15 different merchants in the city of Marvell. One of the stores that stayed in business the longest was A. Hirsch & Co., which did an immense mercantile business and owned valuable land in the area. The Garner Stave Company sold miscellaneous items, such as farming and manufacturing goods.

    The Marvell Public Library was established in 1922 by Mrs.Dave McDonald, who remained active until her death. In 1925, the Marvell Bottling plant was built by James Williford, only to close shortly afterward due to the high cost and shortage of sugar. At the beginning of the Great Depression, all banks in Phillips County closed, with the exception of the Bank of Marvell. County Judge E. P. Molitor, a Marvell native, began construction on a road connecting Helena to Clarendon in 1930.  J. L. Turner was mayor during the thirties.  In 1939 the Marvell School burned.  M.M. Tate School burned at a later date.

    During the 1940s, the population of Marvell was approximately 1,000. In the 1980s, under the leadership of Mayor Alma Norton, the Marvell City Park and bike trail were built on the old railroad. The Davidson Park was also built and given to the city by the Abe Davidson family. In the 1990s, the population of Marvell was approximately 1,545. In 1997, the Marvell Medical Clinic was built with citizen donations. The clinic expanded in only one year to include dental services and interactive two-way compressed video use for medical consultations and health education.

    City Contacts

    Name Position Email Phone Fax
    Donald Cutlip Mayor Email Donald Cutlip (870) 829-2573 (870) 829-2187
    Aletha Gibbs Recorder/Treasurer Email Aletha Gibbs (870) 829-2573 (870) 829-2187
    Durwood King District Judge Email Durwood King (870) 338-6070
    Rusty Porter District Judge Email Rusty Porter (870) 572-3751
    Vincent Bell Police Chief Email Vincent Bell (870) 829-3271 (870) 829-2728
    Gene Davison Fire Chief Email Gene Davison (870) 829-2573 (870) 829-2187
    Tommy Jackson Director of Public Works Email Tommy Jackson (870) 829-1001 (870) 829-1002
    Mark Moneymaker Street Superintendent Email Mark Moneymaker (870) 829-2573 (870) 829-2187
    David Henderson Code Enforcement Officer Email David Henderson (870) 829-2573 (870) 829-2187
    Larry Denson Council Member Email Larry Denson (870) 829-2573 (870) 829-2187
    Grace Henderson Council Member Email Grace Henderson (870) 829-2573 (870) 829-2187
    Pace Hindsley Council Member Email Pace Hindsley (870) 829-2573 (870) 829-2187
    Veriene McCall Council Member Email Veriene McCall (870) 829-2573 (870) 829-2187
    Curtis Pettie Council Member Email Curtis Pettie (870) 829-2573 (870) 829-2187
    Leroy Powell Council Member Email Leroy Powell (870) 829-2573 (870) 829-2187

    City Demographics

    Population: 1186
    Square Miles: 1.40
    People Per Square Mile: 996.00