Phillips County, Arkansas

    Helena-West Helena

    Helena City Hall | 702 Cherry Street | Helena, AR 72342

    Helena-West Helena is the county seat of and the largest city within Phillips County, Arkansas, United States. The current city represents a consolidation, effective on January 1, 2006, of the two Arkansas cities of Helena and West Helena. West Helena is located on the western side of Crowley’s Ridge, a geographic anomaly of the typically flat Arkansas Delta. Helena is nestled between the Mississippi River and the eastern side of Crowley's Ridge. The Helena Bridge, one of Arkansas' four Mississippi River bridges, carries U. S. Route 49 across to Mississippi. The combined population of the two cities was 15,012 at the 2000 census. The municipality traces its historical roots back to the founding of the port town of Helena in 1833 on the Mississippi River. Helena was occupied by the Union Army early in the American Civil War.  The city of Helena was the site of the Battle of Helena fought in 1863. The battle was started by Confederate forces in an unsuccessful attempt to oust the Union Army from Helena in order to help relieve pressure on the strategic river town of Vicksburg, Mississippi. Helena later served as the launching point for the Union Army in the capture of Little Rock, the state capital, later in the year.

    The city grew into a thriving blues community in the 1940s and 1950s. The city continued to grow until the closing of Mohawk Rubber Company, a subsidiary of Yokohama Rubber Company, in the 1970s. Unemployment surged shortly after.

    Today, Helena-West Helena is home to just over 12,000 people, the Delta Cultural Center, the Pillow-Thompson House (owned and operated by the Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas), the King Biscuit Blues Festival (renamed back in 2010 on a 25th anniversary performance by B. B. King) held each October and a Confederate Army Generals Graveyard, which holds the remains of seven Confederate Army generals. Helena is the birthplace of Arkansas' former Senior United States Senator Blanche Lambert Lincoln and Actor/Director/Filmmaker Chuck Williams.

    City Contacts

    Name Position Email Phone Fax
    Jay Hollowell Mayor Email Jay Hollowell (870) 817-7400 (870) 338-7250
    Helen Halbert Chief of Staff Email Helen Halbert (870) 817-7439 (870) 338-7250
    Sandy Ramsey City Clerk Email Sandy Ramsey (870) 817-7426 (870) 338-7250
    Diane Tyler Senior Deputy City Clerk Email Diane Tyler (870) 817-7400
    Sandra Cash Payroll and Insurance Clerk Email Sandra Cash (870) 817-7400
    Dallas Smith Receptionist/Clerk Email Dallas Smith (870) 817-7400
    Allen Martin Director of HR Email Allen Martin (870) 817-7403
    Allen Martin Purchasing Email Allen Martin (870) 817-7403
    Derrick Turner City Treasurer Email Derrick Turner (870) 817-7400
    Chalk Mitchell City Attorney Email Chalk Mitchell (870) 817-7409
    Kesha Simpson City Attorney Secretary Email Kesha Simpson
    Dionne Carter Director District Court Email Dionne Carter (870) 817-7453
    Durwood King District Judge Email Durwood King (870) 338-6070
    Rusty Porter District Judge Email Rusty Porter (870) 572-3751
    Virgil Green Police Chief Email Virgil Green (870) 572-3441
    Evelyn Pool Police Chief Admin Assistant Email Evelyn Pool (870) 572-3441
    Reginald Wilson Fire Chief Email Reginald Wilson (870) 817-7440
    Oscar Hoskins Street Department Head Email Oscar Hoskins (870) 572-9438
    Earnest Womack Street Department Supervisor Email Earnest Womack (870) 572-9438
    Bob Gaston West Helena Regional Landfill Dir Email Bob Gaston (870) 572-7937
    Bobby Jones Sanitation Department Head Email Bobby Jones (870) 572-5665
    Ken Fratesi Water Department Head Email Ken Fratesi (870) 572-6714
    Kathy Zahursky Water Department Office Manager East Email Kathy Zahursky (870) 817-7463
    Sue Gaston Water Department Office Manager West Email Sue Gaston (870) 572-6714
    Tekelia Martin Code Enforcement Email Tekelia Martin (870) 817-7437
    Wanda Crockett Council - Ward 1 Position 1 Email Wanda Crockett (870) 338-3250
    Adrian Messina Council - Ward 1 Position 2 Email Adrian Messina (870) 338-8782
    Ever Jean Ford Council - Ward 2 Position 1 Email Ever Jean Ford (870) 338-3986
    Joe St. Columbia Council - Ward 2 Position 2 Email Joe St. Columbia (870) 338-3991
    John Huff Council - Ward 3 Position 1 Email John Huff (870) 817-7400
    Christopher Franklin Council - Ward 3 Position 2 Email Christopher Franklin (870) 817-7400
    Larry Brown Council - Ward 4 Position 1 Email Larry Brown (870) 338-7700
    Monica Davis Council - Ward 4 Position 2 Email Monica Davis (870) 572-3837
    Don Etherly Council - Ward 5 Position 1 Email Don Etherly (870) 338-6487
    Vivian Holder Council - Ward 5 Position 2 Email Vivian Holder (870) 572-6577

    City Demographics

    Population: 12282
    Square Miles: 8.90
    People Per Square Mile: 902.00